USA Hockey

As a member club of USA Hockey, we are required to follow the rules and regulations defined by USA Hockey.

USA Hockey Rules

St. Peters Spirit Bylaws

Our club bylaws require a membership vote to change.


Missouri Hockey

As a member club of Missouri Hockey, we are required to follow the rules and regulations defined by Missouri Hockey.

Missouri Hockey Rules

Club Policies

Club polices are rules and procedures that have been voted on by the board of directors.  In the past, these policies have been stored within board meeting minutes.   We are efforting to move all policies to this page, but as of now this page is incomplete.  As the board clarify previously voted policies or add new ones, they will be posted below.


Two coaches for each of the 10U, 12U, and 14U age classifications will be compensated for their services.  This compensation includes a season salary, and reimbursement for mileage, hotel room, and meals on a per diem basis for out of town events.  These coaches will coach the AA and A1 teams for each age classification.  If in in the boards season forecast there exists the likelihood of the existence of more or less than one  AA or A1 team, the board will determine whether additional compensated coaches will be sought, or which teams will be selected to be assigned the compensated coach.  The board at its discretion may choose to compensate additional coaches at any level of play.  Mileage, hotel room, and meal per diem will not be provided for any coach who is related to a player on the team.

The club will seek out qualified impartial third party coaching for all levels of play.  Impartial third party is defined as an individual who has no relationship through blood or marriage to any player on the team they would be coaching.  The board at its discretion can at any time waive the impartial third party restriction.  An example of a situation of waiver might be the discovery of an individual who possesses a relationship to a player on the team, who is deemed more qualified or acceptable to the board than an individual in the available pool of third party coaches. If no impartial third party individuals accepted as qualified by the board can be located, the board will summarily waive the impartial third party restriction.

Fundraising Policy

All fundraising is 100% voluntary.  No team member/family shall be compelled or mandated to participate in any fundraising activity by team vote, nor be forced to “buyout” of any activity at any price, without exception.  All team members/families shall only be responsible for their pro-rata share of team expenses for the season and are thus free to meet the financial obligation however is best for them.

As a matter of practice, team fundraising must comply with the following:

  1. Fundraising ideas shall be presented to the entire team so that all members have the opportunity to participate.  Prior to solicitation for an “in” or “out” by family decision, a best estimate of “up front” costs must be disclosed.
  2. Team members/families will opt “in” (participate) or “out” (not participate) of all team fundraising activities by email to the team manager.
  3. Team members/families that opt in are committed and cannot back out @ a later date if they change their mind.  If there are expenses associated with putting on the fundraiser, they will write a check up front to cover the expenses/costs associated with the event.  These funds will be kept in a separate fundraiser ledger.
  4. If the fundraiser is large scale in nature, i.e. mouse races, the participants will determine the profit sharing arrangement .  Profits could be split evenly among participants or credited on an individual basis determined by each participant’s contribution to the event.
  5. For team members/families that opt out, they have no involvement.  As far as they are concerned, the fundraiser doesn’t exist.  They will not cover expenses for the event or share in the profits generated.